Submitted by admin on Fri, 09/11/2020 - 11:24

Blessings are extremely important. (Even if you just do it in your head, or use your own small ritualistic gesture.) One that I use often: "God, Goddess, Creator, Bless this food to our bodies and remove anything that isn't for our Highest Healing. Thank you God, Goddess, Creator. Thank you Universe.

Odin once told me, after I gave him my last cigarette in an alley near the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado: "Always offer up your tobacco to the Gods."

Sometimes I forget.... but I try to do it often. Touch your pouch, cigarette, pinch or pack to your forehead with reverence, and thrust it towards the sky in silent blessing. That's how He said to do it.

It also never hurts to offer some tobacco in a seashell in the exposed roots or the hollow in a Sacred tree. Every now and then make other small "sacrifices of gratitude." A crystal, charm or even a piece of silver or gold.

Bless your own body. Bless your own heart. Bless all that you encounter along the way, and especially those who are there every day. Close your eyes and look inside. Then go into Nature with wonder, Grace and Gratitude.