Pagan Topics Replies Last Reply
A forum to allow new members to introduce themselves to the community.
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Pagan Discussions
Commune with kindred spirits and share your experiences here.
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Pagan Parenting
Forum for Pagan parents everywhere.
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New Pagans
A forum for people who are new to Paganism and Magick. Being new to anything can be frustrating and full of challenges. This forum is here so you can get help, advice, meet others, and find out the things you need to know at this most important time: The beginning of your journey down the Pagan Path. WELCOME HERE!
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Magic Spells, Potions and Charms
A board to share and help people write their own spells. Share and seek wisdom about spells, charms and potions here.
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Storytelling and Poetry
Storytelling has always been a very important and sacred part of Pagan culture. It is how Paganism survived the ages of persecution throughout history. In some traditions and native paths the storytellers pass all of the knowledge of the Circle or Tribe from one generation to the next through the stories, poems and songs. Whether you are passing down ancient wisdom and knowledge to the Pagan community or just expressing your feelings through your writing, this is the place to post. Sing your Heartsong! Share your stories and poetry here. "To bind the spell every time, Let the spell be spake in rhyme."
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Suggestions / Requests
Make requests and suggestions here. NOTE: If you request a forum you need to answer 1 question in your post: Do you personally wish to moderate this forum? Yes / No
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Paths / Traditions Topics Replies Last Reply
African Traditional
Traditional African religions.
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Alexandrian Witchcraft
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Including Germanic Neopaganism, Germanic Heathenism, Forn Sed, Odinism and pre-Christian Heathenry.
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Celtic-inspired traditions.
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Woman-centered Witchcraft.
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Dragon Magick
For followers of the Path of the Dragon.
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Druids/ Druidcraft
Modern and ancient Druidry.
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Mix-and-match Magick
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Faerie Faith
A Dianic Tradition.
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Faery Wicca
Walk with the Fae.
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Gardnerian Witchcraft
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Hedge Witches
Hedgewitchery and wild rides to the Otherworlds.
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Indian Religions
Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism
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Indigenous Pagans of the Americas
Native Pagans of the American continents
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Odyssean Tradition
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The Shaman's Path
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Haitian Vodou, Louisiana Voodoo, West African Vodun
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For Wiccans
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Request new forums in the Paths / Traditions category here.
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