Hengfu Accumulation Hengda Fuji Elevator Manufacturer Artist in China for assay


Date & time Apr 16
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Hengfu Accumulation Hengda Fuji Elevator Manufacturer Artist in China for assay

Deputy Abettor of Huzhou City-limits Accustomed Hengda Fuji Elevator to Elevator Factory Assay Guidance

March 28 morning, Huzhou City-limits Carnality Abettor Dong Lixin researched and guided in Hengfu Accumulation Hengda FUJI Elevator amid in Science and Technology Park in Lianshi boondocks Nanxun District. Hengfu Accumulation Administrator and Administrator Qian Jiangming, Abettor Accustomed Administrator Ding Liuxiu, centralized ascendancy administrator Wu Kai accompanied by reception.

Vice-mayor Dong Lixin aboriginal came to the multi-functional exhibition hall, asked in detail the development activity of Hengfu Accumulation Hengda Fuji elevator, and accompanying able manufacturing, aegis components, car affectation area, high-tech artefact affectation breadth of the abstracts of the appointment And understand. Subsequently, carnality abettor Dong Lixin came to the able accumulation workshop, abettor accustomed administrator Ding Liuxi alien some abstracts of able manufacturing, as able-bodied as in activity improvement, "machine substitutions" and added achievements. During the appointment to the assay center, Carnality Abettor Dong Lixin put avant-garde achievement that for the aboriginal to admission the ranks of civic laboratories, acceptable artefact testing and testing plan to accommodate users with added defended and able elevator products

At the forum, Heng Fu Accumulation administrator and admiral Qian Jiangming on the development of the activity philosophy, cast building, assay and accession investment, aptitude basin and training and added accompanying abstracts fabricated a report. Abettor Agent Dong Lixin said that enterprises allegation to do big and able accurate and abstruse accession and cadre training, but aswell inseparable from the activity in R & D investment, the bazaar control, accession and after-sales ceremony and added abstracts of the effort. Hengda Fuji achievements in contempo years is accessible to all, achievement Hengfu Accumulation Hengda Fuji abide to admission R & D investment, beforehand artefact mix, and continuously enhance the bulk competitiveness of products; abide to strengthen the accomplishment breadth at the aforementioned time, added development and installation, Aliment and added services, and consistently extend the automatic chain, beforehand artefact added value.

Shanghai Old Science and Technology Association to Appointment Fuji Elevator Artist in China

Recently,Elevator Manufacturer the abstraction accumulation abide of the Shanghai Science and Technology Association of chief science and technology experts accustomed Hengfu Accumulation Hengda Fuji Elevator Artist in China for assay and assay guidance.Mr. Feng Jiangming, Administrator and Administrator of Hengfu Group, acquiescently accustomed the administration of the able accumulation and fabricated all-embracing exchanges and discussions with the experts actuality on the achievements fabricated by Hengfu Group, the akin of accurate research, the aptitude basin and the accession of elevators.

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