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Bel Davr

After being ordained Pagan Clergy ourselves for over 30 years collectively, Dream and I have decided to go beyond community/prisoner outreach, handfastings, counsel, rituals, and companion animal rescue. We are currently developing a platform to ordain Pagans legally. This service will be performed free through the Universal Life Church... HOWEVER, we will also be filing the information in United Pagans Pantheon. This will give Pagans security and much needed future independence from ULC. We will be offering for SALE with this service, credentials, legal certificates and ID cards, along with other items exclusive to the practice of Pagan religions.

Now, this will not be for profit. I have purchased the equipment and materials to start this out of my pocket as my first donation. We will also both be donating our time and skills to make these materials, and do all the paperwork... This is only the first stage of something we have been dreaming of for many years. All proceeds will go towards helping the Pagan Community and saving the Earth, and here's how:

FIRST: We wish to establish a brick and mortar Pagan church in the heartland of the U.S.A.. This is important even if the indoor space is just for public meetings, a mailing address, and a place for file storage.... and an official home base for every legally ordained United Pagan, which will be a lifeline and trust beyond this life. This will spread through the Pagan Community. We will all be a part of it, and ALL of our children and grandchildren will have the opportunity to continue the Magickal LEGACY we are ALL creating and eventually leaving them. That leads us to the more important part....

MOST IMPORTANTLY; we want to establish PAGAN LANDS. These will be OWNED by the Pantheon, which is a NATIONAL COMMUNITY CHURCH, but the lands will also be under CONSERVATION TRUST. This will last forever. The lands will remain in their natural states. They will be sanctuary to ALL CREATURES and will have spaces open for public use by ALL PAGANS, making them TAX FREE and LEGALLY PROTECTED FOREVER. We are Children of the Earth. This goes beyond governments. WE MUST TAKE CARE OF HER.

Dream and I have personally purchased 8 wooded properties in the past few years to leave to our children. However, they are privately owned and will only last for as long as we, or our heirs carry them.

We wish to create something for ALL OF US that will be there for ALL PAGANS PERMANENTLY. By doing it this way, we give every Pagan we legally ordain the ground to stand on. Legal rights and responsibility, to PROTECT and benefit the EARTH and all of Her creatures.

That is where 100% of the proceeds will be going.

That's stage 2. Stage 3 will require COUNSEL of the greater Pagan Community once stage 1 and 2 are reality... This will include sustainability projects, response, rescue and assistance programs for Pagans. We'll all have to talk about those subjects in the future.

Please stay tuned. Together we can ALL make this happen.

Love, Light, and Blessings Bright!

P.S. - Dream and I met on United Pagans dot com 18 years ago. We have now been together for over 10 years and have 2 beautiful children. It's funny how things work. We met on this Pagan website I built... I was in Maryland and she was in Colorado. Then she was in Michigan and I was in Oklahoma. Then we both ended up in the same place in Colorado, and that wasn't planned.... and for 5 years we were close to each-other but basically just online friends... Then I went on a year-long tour through 3 countries. She was still in Colorado, but we remained in touch, through United Pagans. Then one day when I was working in the rainforest in north California, she asked me to come back to Colorado, to finally be together, and save animals, and be a family. I got on a plane and we have lived happily ever after, responding to disasters, saving Familiars, raising our kids, working hard, and most importantly: MAKING MAGIC. This may just seem like a website, but to us, we know what it can do. It's MAGIC. It can make DREAMS COME TRUE. United Pagans is LOVE. TRUE LOVE. Thanks to you all who share it.


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