High Priestess / Priest Card with Free Badge Holder and Clip

Heavy-duty 10 mil. 3 X 4 inch machine-laminated Clergy ID card.

***This card comes with a free ID badge holder and clip. (While supplies last.)

Note: When ordering ordination credentials, please enter the legal name, magickal name (optional), and coven/group affiliation (if applicable) for the certificate and/or card in the special instructions section. Any preferred title, faith, religion, or special instruction should be included as well.

After purchase, you must submit your photo. CLICK TO SUBMIT.

Hand-made and blessed by legally ordained United Pagans Pantheon officials. Please make sure you have completed and submitted an ordination application.

Shipping is free, and we are currently only doing ordinations for people in the U.S.A.. (Contact us if you are outside the U.S.A. and need to be ordained. We can do it manually.)

All proceeds benefit the Pagan Lands Conservation Project.

8.00 oz.
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